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When I first started my business 22 years ago, I asked myself what would be important to me if I wanted to hire a contractor? —and the following thoughts came to mind

I workso I won't be home to monitor the project. The contractor explained the scope of work in the proposalbut how do I know they actually followed through if the work is covered up by the time I get home?

If I am asking myself these questions then my potential clients are too! It's often said that, "a picture is worth a thousand words" and "the proof is in the pudding". These phrases make light of the obvious solution —photo documentation.

So how does taking pictures of my work benefit my clients?

1. It proves the scope of work proposed is the work performed.
2. It protects the home owner when it's time to sell the property by proving to the buyer that all repairs and improvements were done properly.

3. It adds resale value to the property.

I like to use the following example: You're looking to purchase a used car and you find two excellent choices. One car has all prior documentation and service records to prove it has been well maintained. The other car has no documentation. Which car will you purchase?

The same is true when trying to sell your home! Will a buyer be drawn to your property —the one with documentation or to the others without? Will it help you get your asking price? Will your home sell faster? Will it build trust with your buyer showing them that you have done things right? Any or all of these add value to the money spent on the project!

It's our job is to make your project look great —that's a given, but it's our responsibility to insure that the work done behind the scenes is perfection. Remember, the critical part of the job is what you don't see! So the next time a contractor shows you a pretty picture of a finished project, make sure you ask them for the pretty pictures of the hidden details!
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